Capital City Consulting Welcomes Dean Izzo to Team

Tallahassee, Fla. – Capital City Consulting, LLC today announced that Dean Izzo has joined its team of committed, highly regarded government affairs consultants after most recently serving as the chief of staff, chief financial officer and chief information officer at the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO). Izzo, who also has a background in IT consulting and operations management, will begin on January 30, 2017, and can be contacted at 

Richard Corcoran - Florida's powerful new House speaker

Get ready, Florida, for a powerful new speaker of the Florida House of Representatives who's sure to become a household name over the next two years — likely longer, if he runs for governor as many expect.

Capital City Consulting Welcomes Andrew Ketchel

Tallahassee, Fla. – Capital City Consulting, LLC today announced that Andrew Ketchel has joined its team of committed, highly regarded government affairs consultants after several years of state-level government affairs and public sector work. Having served in several leadership roles in Florida’s executive branch, Ketchel brings expertise in multiple policy areas. Ketchel will begin on October 17, 2016, and can be contacted at

DEP's Ketchel heading to Capital City Consulting

Andrew Ketchel, chief lobbyist for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, is joining the Capital City Consulting, LLC public affairs firm in Tallahassee.

State campaign contributions hit $227M, up $33M compared to 2012

Florida's growing population, several high-profile ballot items and the ever rising cost of running political campaigns are fueling the flow of $227 million in contributions to statehouse candidates and committees backing statewide initiatives. 

Lobbying Firm Of The Year: Capital City Consulting

Capital City Consulting's winning strategy might be described as killing them with kindness. In the world of Florida lobbying, they're a Big 4 Firm in terms of revenue (median of $5.13 million in 2015), and they're also respected and liked by the teams they primarily compete with, especially Ballard Partners and Southern Strategy Group.

Ashley Kalifeh Featured in Influence Magazine

Significant other? Children? Husband, Michael.

In 25 words or less, explain what you do. Help clients identify impediments and opportunities, analyze options for overcoming or achieving them, then design and execute a successful political and public policy strategy.

Nick Iarossi Makes the List of the Top 100 Influencers in Florida Politics.

There are hundreds of hard-working, talented professionals in the Florida lobbying landscape today. To be successful in that highly competitive environment requires a unique skill set: Knowledge of complex issues, technical understanding of very nuanced process and personal relationships with a diverse set of legislators from across the country’s third-largest state. Very few lobbyists can check all of those boxes, but Nick Iarossi can.

Nick has built a formidable operation based on tireless work ethic and smart, strategic thinking. He has mastered the most important fundamental in the lobbying business: He treats clients like family.

Smart planning for your political dollars

If you want a picture with the next president of the United States, get out your checkbook. The sooner you give to a 2016 presidential campaign, the better your chance of premier access to the candidate of your choice.

The price tag for the presidential race could top $5 billion, according to research by The Hill, a weekly political publication, so they are seeking contributions everywhere.

Capital City Consulting Uses Teamwork, Specialization to Push Legislation in Tallahassee

Over the last 11 years, Capital City Consulting has made a name for itself as one of the most specialized, strategic lobbying firms in the Sunshine State, ranking it No. 3 on Sunshine State News' list of Top Lobbyists in Florida.

With nearly three decades of experience, co-founder Gerald Wester boasts expertise in several areas of lobbying, including financial services and health care. Prior to funding Capital City Consulting, Wester worked in Florida’s Insurance Department and as a private-sector governmental consultant.

Wester joined forces with Nick Iarossi and Ron LaFace Jr. to build Capital City Consulting in 2003, bringing together their own unique set of political experiences to establish themselves in the world of lobbying.  

Photo of Florida Capitol in Tallahassee

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